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Updating Blog Offline

I had used my webhosts' software to deploy  BlogEngine sofware on this site, when I gave up on trying to figure out the DasBlog security features for their .Net 4.0 version;  I needed something simpler.

I had issues on what deployed initially on my webhost, and worked out some parts of a fix for the software when my webhost suggested moving to a newer server. By that time a new version of the BlogEngine was available from my webHost - Version 3.1.1. There were still odd things from the BlogEnginge install, that needed to be cleaned up. So - I decided to download the folder that had the BlogEngine software - and found that I could run it locally with Visual Studio doing an "Open website" and it could run with the same userids that were done in the setup. This gave me the opportunity to try to fix it locally.

I had a starting point and made the folder a Git Repository and did an initial commit - so that I could get back to the starting point if I messed up.

I was able to fix a few things trying out some other Themes, and even doing a local upgrade to 3.3.6 and then uploading the result back to my webhost.

With Git and Visual Studio - I could make the changes and verify that the site worked and commit to moving the software forward.

There are still some odd parts to using BlogEngine - but I will see if I can enhance it to work better for me. (When making Blog entries the box where you need to type is the same color as the background and no border to indicate it is there-until you click and start typing. It is controlled by a software project called "summernote" and is using an older version from what I can see.)

From the GitHub site - the software page goes now to a BlogEngine Hosting site - if you do not want to own your domain for blogging. I also found a post that wondered if the code base is "dead' - and they argue that the number of contributions has dropped off.  We will have to see what we can fix - as they say there were a number of bugs in the code.